Saturday, September 30, 2006

knitting and community activism

I think I will start out my blog by talking about the community building hobby that first led me to this whole blogging thing in the first place- knitting. If you haven't noticed, knitting has experienced a renaissance with young women. I think this is related to a new brand of feminism which is rooted in a refusal to try to be more "masculine" in order to gain power. The new feminism can be found in feisty women who wear floral dresses and carry knitting needles in their briefcase. Knitting isn't just crafty or cute, it's powerful. In an age where few people know where their food or clothes come from, there seems to be the realization in the power of re-connecting and creating their own hats, scarves, etc. to protect themselves from the elements. I'm wondering and hoping that this might be a step towards understand the injustice that goes on in the corporate garment industry...


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