Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stop Global Warming! Sleep More!

This week of balmy weather in Vermont has been a rude reminder of the reality of global warming. While there are some who are still trying to explain this weather as "normal fluctuations", the fact is that denial of global warming is no longer an option for most.

I promised to give some other suggestions for how to fight global warming and here is one that I think almost everyone would be happy to support. SLEEP MORE! The more you sleep, the less energy you use. Most people, other than maybe than toddler population, sleep with the lights off. Most people don't drive when they are asleep (although it does seem that some people may be asleep behind the wheel). So, particularly in the winter, get into bed, snuggle up with your human, animal, or stuffed friends, and give the Earth and yourself a break.


At 11:18 AM, Anonymous pippi said...

I really like this solution.
I could use more sleep!!!


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