Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rally for move back to democracy!

This is the auditorium at Montpelier High School at the Nov.4th rally for Bernie Sanders for US Senate and democratic candidates Peter Welch for US Congress, Scudder Parker for Vermont Governor, and Matt Dunne for Lieutenent Governor. This picture was taken on Saturday evening at around 7:00. Why aren't they all at home watching TV? Why aren't they out shopping? Because there's only 72 hours left before the polls close in VT and all of these people want a change in Washington DC and in the state house in Montpelier. Vermonters may be humble and soft spoken often, but not at this rally; not when there is so much at stake in their own lives, the lives of their chilren, the lives of their neigbors, the direction of the United States, and our tired planet. There was lots of hooting and hollering as all candidates spoke out against the war in Iraq, in support of national health care as a right of citizentship, and a voice for the middle class.

This young citizen who is clearly not even of voting age is inspired by Bernie's words of wisdom. He is still helping to get out the message for change though by saying,

"Rock on, Bernie!
Power to the People!"


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