Sunday, March 18, 2007

And then there were two/too/to...

I haven't posted posted in a while because I have been TOO busy in my non-virtual world. As a result, I have a lot to share, but I will limit myself because I am TOO tired to write a coherent post of any length. So, here are two/too/to things that I have observed in the 3-dimensional world recently.

TWO seasons in just TWO days...
This is a picture of the Montpelier post office this past Thursday morning when temperatures climbed into the 50's and the city prepared for a possible flood. Since I live in the flood plain and was leaving Thursday night for a conference, I had my own share of flood prep to do. The river did rise several feet as a result of the melting ice caused by the unseasonably high temperatures. The temperature plumetted in the afternoon, which prevented further melting and flooding, however Montpelier isn't out of the woods yet.

And then winter made a comeback on Friday, reminding us of that in the middle of March in Vermont, the lion that is, according to the old saying supposed to represent only early March weather is so powerful that it scares the poor little lamb all the way into April. This is a picture of Loomis St. in Montpelier this morning, showing the fresh snowfall that began Friday evening. I thought many times this week about the sayng, "If you don't like the weather in Vermont, just wait fifteen minutes." In one day, I experienced a pending flood, a hint of spring, and a blast of winter.

Some things are supposed to come in TWO's all the time, like socks. That is why I worked so hard to finish my second sock this past week. Here is a picture of the completed gobstopper socks. ooh, aah. I have to admit, I am kind of happy that winter decided to make a comeback just so I have an excuse to wear my socks. They are so comfy! Who needs drugs when your socks look like this? I already started another pair. I'm hooked.

Now, since I can't come up with another coherent sentence, I will follow the American media trend and offer you my ideas in list form.

Here are some other TWO/TOO/TOs in my life:

TWO other creatures in my house, one canine and one human.
TWO ears, eyes, nose, feet, hands- I am pretty symmetrical!

TOO much work to do
TOO little time

TOO many wonderful people in my life
TOO little time to hang out with them

TOO much war
TOO little peace

TOO many ideas to write
TOO little brain power to write them

TO bed... I am going TO go to bed.


At 7:04 AM, Blogger 'chelle said...

Did you notice all the postal drops were taken in? See you at knitting night maybe!

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