Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adventures of Ella

This post will be written in the "voice" of my dog Ella, pictured above. We adopted Ella last July 4th weekend and I have developed this habit of "speaking" for her so I thought I would write for her. Isn't she the cutest?
Adventures of Ella
by Ella T. Dog

Spring has sprung and my pet humans have been taking me on a lot of different adventures to the city, the mountains, the beach, and all sorts of other places. This past winter, I went on all kinds of snow adventures in the mountains with my pet humans. They had to wear funny shaped huge shoes to walk in the snow. These springtime adventures are special because last spring I didn't have any pet humans. That's me, in the picture to the left, at canine-american activism day at the VT statehouse. Some of the humans will tell you that this event was part of nation-wide effort called step-it-up to bring attention to the issue of global warming, but us pooches had our own little meeitng. The issues discussed were licking rights, protection of land, and of course the whole human dilemma.

We also went on this thing called "vacation" to Maine. Humans have these things called jobs that get in the way of them going on adventures whenever they want. Poor humans. When we got to Maine, the sign said, "Maine...the way life is supposed to be." I was a little offended because I really like Vermont and I have a philosophy that I have developed that life is not "supposed to be" anything and you are not "supposed to be" anywhere." OK, enough with my deep thoughts. Back to my adventure in Maine. First, we went to this huge city called Portland. We stayed in a big building called a hotel. There were way too many two-leggers there. The best thing about the hotel was the gigantic bed that me and my pet humans could all fit on very comfortably. I didn't get kicked at all. I walked all over the city and smelled thousands of dogs. The picture to the left is me hanging out in front of a coffee shop with Robb (isn't he handsome?) enjoying the sun and looking cool. The bad part about the city was I couldn't figure out where to go to the bathroom because there was hardly any grass. Sorry to be so frank, but this is an important issue and I feel the need to share my dilemma.

After we left Portland, we went in the mobile dog bed and we ended up at the ocean. I've been to the ocean before, but since we live in the mountains I'm not used to it and it was very exciting. I ran around like a wild woman and drank some extremely salty water (note: Do not drink salt water. It looks pretty, but it makes you sick) As you can see from this picture, I can run extremely fast and my pet humans can almost never catch me once I get going. You have to let them catch you every now and again, just so they keep trying. It's this whole ego thing that humans have going on.

Well, that's all for now. I hope all you pooches and pet humans are enjoying springtime. Summer is just around the corner and you know what the means... more adventures. I'll keep you posted.


At 3:50 AM, Anonymous pippi said...

Ella! You are so funny!
I'm sorry they hid the bathrooms in that big city.
You are a cutie!

At 5:36 AM, Anonymous brenda said...

I loved hearing about your adventures, Ella! We live in Maine and our dog loves it when we take him to the beach. It took him a while to learn the salt water thing.


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