Thursday, April 12, 2007

Weaving in Loose Ends

Weaving in loose ends. That's what I have been up to lately, both literally and metaphorically. I finally finished my mom's Christmas present (Christmas 2006). While I still need to block it, but everything else is done. It is "The Kimono Vest" from Cabin Fever. I used Cascade 220 for the main color and Berocco Trilogy for the contrasting color.This is largely due to a very patient and determined knitting mentor, Bridgette from the knitting studio, who I hung out with for about 3 hours yesterday at the store while I finished the vest. She said I wasn't allowed to leave until I finished and she meant. When I said I was hungry, she just told me to eat some of their snacks. When I got frustrated, she reminded me to sit back down and finish so that I wouldn't have to pull this vest out of the bottom of my bag anymore. Having been a fifth grade teacher who has forced (encouraged) many students to finish projects that they wanted to abandon, I feel like I got a taste of my own medicine. Since she had to wait 3 1/2 months for her finished Christmas present, I think she deserves a matching purple top to wear underneath.
Now that I have completed the "Christmas" vest, there are plenty of other pieces of loose yarn hanging out in my bag of knitting tricks. I did start working on the second sock made of the Cherry Tree Hill and Louet Gems I posted earlier. I would have turned the heel, but my #3 dpn's are occupied with a basic brown and red sock of Louet Gems that I started for Robb. Robb's sock is pictured to the left. For those of you second sock cynics out there who think I didn't post a picture of the aforementioned second sock because I didn't really start it, I am going to post the completed pair later this week.

In addition to loose ends of yarn, there seem to be a few other loose ends out in the world. For one, Winter is a very loose end here in Vermont, that I would like to bind off. We got at least six inches of wet, heavy spring snow today. While I am not usually a complainer about the weather, I have had enough of the white stuff and am ready for the green chlorophyll decorations that spring usually offers.

There also seem to be some loose ends in Washington D.C. world of cyberspace. It seems that those responsible for the firing of U.S. attorneys have lost the e-mails that were related to this matter. While, guess what, Uncle Sam, I think I accidentally lost all the records that show the income I earned this year. Oops. I hope they will be as lenient and forgiving with me as they are of the Bush administration.
That's all for now. I hope that next time I write it is about planting seeds and prancing around barefoot on the green grass.


At 10:23 AM, Blogger 'chelle said...

Bridgette can be rather demanding... :-) I'm with you on the snow. I love snow and winter, but I'm ready for another season so I can start wanting winter again.

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Jan Carlsson-Bull said...

Love the vest and can't wait to wear these loose ends that worked their way into the lush blues of coherence, with some encouragement from St. Bridgette and your willing persistence, Sarah. Much as you put up with, weave, and muse over those loose ends, you're one persistent woman, Sarah. When you set your mind to something, it get's done, however long it might take, and when knitting needles join in, well look what comes of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you--love you too!
Jan Carlsson-Bull aka Mom


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