Sunday, November 04, 2007

Quiet Season? Stick Season ? Fiber Season!

What is this season in between Fall and Winter? The time where the trees are almost bare, but there is no snow on the ground. In Vermont, I have heard this time referred to as stick season and, more recently, as quiet season. While I think stick season is a better sell to the canine tourist industry, quiet season sounds a bit more romantic from the human perspective. To me, this feels like fiber season! I have dug out several projects that were hibernating in the warmer months and I have started working on my spinning. The picture to the left shows my most recent spinning efforts. In honor of this season, I did choose some fiber that reminded of the current landscape. I acquired this fiber at Vermont Sheep and Wool festival back in September. It is a wool/mohair mix from Fantom Farm. I have spun about half of what I have and, in a moment of spinning confidence, decided that I am going to spin the other half on another bobbin and try my hands at plying. I think I may have officially caught the spinning bug.


At 2:35 AM, Anonymous brenda said...

Have you been spinning? It looks great!


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