Thursday, May 10, 2007

Color Me Happy!

Spring is finally really here in Vermont. In fact, today it felt more like summer. The temperature climbed into the 80's today. My surge of energy led me out of the office and straight to the nearest greenhouse/plant nursery to feast my eyes on the colors that mother earth has to offer this season. So, I came home and got to work or play, depending how you look at it. So, I keep reading about project spectrums. As I was walking through the greenhouse and looking at all the different colors, I thought about how similar the process of picking out and planting flowers is to choosing yarn and knitting it up. I had the same focused, but spaced out filling choosing and planting my flowers as I have when I choose yarn and knit a project. No wonder so many knitting enthusiasts are passionate gardeners and vice versa.

Speaking of color enthusiasm and knitting, I had my first yarn dying experience last Sunday. I took a class with my Vermont comrade Pippi, knitting Mentor Bridgette of the Knitting Studio, and two other women. As a young child, I always loved looking at color in art. I loved using color in art. Perhaps because I lack traditional drawing or painting skills, I have not picked up a paintbrush or stood in front of a canvas for some time. It was so exciting to have yarn as a canvas and not have to stay in the lines! My accomplished are pictured here.
I loved playing with the different color ways and I'm pretty sure I have developed a new addiction. Pippi wrote me about the class in a recent blog entry. There's also a rather scandalous picture of me.


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