Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cloudy Day Creature Comforts

The change in time and temperature have me feeling sleepy and a little grumpy. I love fall and winter, but this in between season, has me needing lots of creature comforts. Luckily, I think I that I live with one of cutest furry creatures on the planet, Ella T. Dogg. When I come home after a long day, there she is jumping up on the other side of the door and wagging her tail. When I am checking my bank account online in a financial panic, there she is just waiting for a scratch behind the ears. When I can't sleep at night, she curls up against me and keeps me company (Yes, she sleeps in our bed). Look at that face. How could you not be comforted?


At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

What a great picture. She looks like she's waiting for you to scratch her head.


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