Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Hope Amongst the Chaos...

When we went away on vacation, I did not listen to or read the news. This is very unusual for me since I usually listen to the radio news in the morning and/or afternoon, as well as checking in on-line. Since we don't get any TV reception, I am somewhat protected from the disturbing and overwhelming visuals that accompany many of the headline stories. When I returned, I found it a rude reawakening to listen to Morning Edition on public radio during my morning my commute. While I was tooling around Maine and coastal Canada, it seems the world did not take a break from war, flood, famine, or other episodes of devastation.
On a more cheerful note, when we pulled into our driveway last Sunday, it seems my tomato plants had also not taken a break from their summer growth spurt. It was almost dark out, but I could see those orange and red little beauties plus what looked like a billion little green spheres just waiting to catch up to their already ripe neighbors, glowing in the headlights. I went to take a closer look. These tomato plants marched on. Despite dramatic climate change leading to inconsistent weather they blossomed and bore fruit. It's inspiring to see this resilience and I can only hope to emulate it in my humanity.


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