Saturday, June 30, 2007

It isn't being green...or red...

,but it sure is yummy. Long time, no blog. I have continued to enjoy the earth's bounty. Look, I have little green tomatoes. Maybe I should fry them up and make a movie about it called "Fried Green Tomatoes". Oh, turns out someone already did that. My plans are always being foiled by copyright laws. What if I called the movie "Fryd Greene Tomatos"? Misspelling one word of popular products and selling it as your own seems to work with other generic spin-offs.
In addition to watching my garden grow, I have been eating the fruits (literally) of other people's labor. The strawberries in this picture are from Littlewood Farm in Plainfield, Vermont. Thank you Joey and Betsy. They are delicious. I have been eating local strawberries morning, noon, and night. They are a great addition to cereal, salads, ice cream, or just own their own. Did I mention that I love strawberries. I have already frozen 2 quarts. It's hard to remember right now that Winter will come and if I want to eat something other than Turnip stew in February without depleting the oil supply, I have to start planning now.

Today was an absolutely perfect day weather-wise. After the heat-wave earlier this week, which brought temperatures in this area to 95 degrees with massive amounts of humidity, I welcomed a day when the temperature didn't rise about 75. I met up with a friend from college, her beautiful baby Georiga, and husband at Shelburne Farms. I saw a 1 hour old goat, piglets, donkeys, the sweetest Swiss Brown calf, and lots of other animals. It's baby time in the barnyard and they sure are cute.

I have about 8 million other things to write about including my response to Michael Moore's new movie Sicko that we saw tonight, but I will have to save them for another post. It's 11:52 P.M. and I have to get to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.


At 7:31 AM, Anonymous brenda said...

I've been eating the local strawberries too. Just had waffles with strawberries for breakfast, yummy!
We're planning on seeing Sicko later this week, I'd love to hear what you think about it.

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous pippi said...

If you need anymore greens, you know where to come!
I meant to email you the other day to let you know I made a sourdough pesto "chicken" (Quorn) pizza; with the pesto you brought over.

And, I can't wait to hear what you thought of Sicko!

No turning into a pumpkin, unless you are going to come plant yourself in my garden.
& WOW! Your 'maters look GREAT!!!!!


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