Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ella's Summertime Adventures

This summer I, Ella T. Dogg, have had many adventures. The three best adventures have been camping in Maine (this was first time sleeping in a tent), fleeing the country (I escaped to Canada for a short time), and a big dog party in the Northeast Kingdom. This first picture is me in the tent snuggled in between my two favorite two-leggers. Although I like the wierd house thing that my pet humans live in, I always feel happier outside so I really enjoyed being inside, yet outside at the same time.

After camping in Maine, we took our mobile futon onto this huge boat to get from Maine to Nova Scotia. I had to stay in the mobile futon for the whole boat ride, which was really lame because I was hoping to see some whales. After I got over my disappointment about not being able to watch for whales, I decided to just fall asleep. Apparently, I was better off sleeping. My mommy (aka Sarah) got sea sick and was hanging out on the deck puking for most of the ride. When we got off the boat, we were in another country...Canada. "Freedom!" I thought to myself. I started wagging my tail and my mind was filled with a nation that did not discriminate against canines. It turns out they still discriminate against canines in Canada- I was not welcome in restaurants, museums, stores, and other human establishments, but I did have plenty of other adventures in the always canine-friendly outdoors. We went for a walk along the bay of funny...I mean Fundy. We saw the bay of Fundy from the Nova Scoti side (see the picture above) and the New Brunswick side (see picture of Super Ella in New Brunswick, Canada to the right). Apparently, seeing the same thing from different sides is called perspective. Humans could use a little of that perspective stuff.
My Most recent summer adventure was a visit to Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. We went for a dog party and wow, was it a party! There were lots of treats, but more importantly there were lots of dogs to play with. I love playing with other dogs, especially chasing them and I had plenty of time to do just that. I found another dog to play with that was almost as fast as me so we ran around in circles as other dogs and humans looked on in amazement at our speed. Then , we went to play with the other throngs of dogs roaming around Dog Mountain. I knew about Dog Mountain already from some of Stephen Huneck's books that I have about Sally (the dog). I even got a new book about Sally's adventures, called Sally Goes to the Farm, signed by Stephen himself. I guess some two-leggers are OK. After all, look at all the adventures my two pet humans took me on this summer.


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous brenda said...

Wow, Ella, you have had a busy summer!

My husband got seasick on the ferry to N.S. also. Not fun!

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Trixie said...

Awwwww! It sounds like Ella had a GREAT time!


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