Monday, December 17, 2007

Update from Winter Wonderland

So, we got a lot of snow recently. This December is a sharp contrast to last December when we had pretty much no snow.
Remember my tomato plants from this past summer. They are hibernating. I never brought the pots in and I think the various sizes of pots make the snow pile look like a little mountain range.

And yes, Ella is very happy about all this white stuff. I put on my snowshoes and went for a little walk around town and then over to the statehouse lawn. This here dog is having a real good time at the statehouse. Who said politics can't be fun?

In addition to watching the snow fall, I have been doing some knitting. Here are some simple fingerless gloves I made for Robb. They're made from Berocco ultra alpaca. Nothing fancy, but they are the first pair of gloves I have ever made so I am pretty excited about them. I think Ella wants a pair, too.Finally, I cooked some of the purple potatoes I got from the winter farmer's market. Is that a beautiful color or what? Amazing to think that beautiful shade of purple was hiding in the dirt. It changes my whole view of potatoes.


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

I love the picture of Ella in the snow - she's practically buried!
And the fingerless mitts look great. Aren't they fun to knit?


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